War, From a Child’s Perspective

My Daddy went off to war.

I didn’t really understand what that meant.

Mommy said he would be home soon;

 She didn’t say when.

She just said, “Soon.”

I waited and waited, but he didn’t come.

Then I saw pictures of soldiers

Who had been hurt by this war that my daddy was in.

 I got scared.

Mommy said everything was going to be alright;

 Daddy would be home soon.

Then, one day, we got a call. …


Daddy was coming home today!

So, we went to the air strip where he was going to land.

 I stood and waited with my mom,

 And then I saw him, walking off the plane.

So, I ran!

Someone said, “Stop!”

But I pretended not to hear.

And so, I ran

Into my father’s arms.

And he picked me up and tossed me high into the air,

And then,

He held me.


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