Living with Angels


Have you ever felt so alone

So alone, that you could hardly breathe?

Then, all of a sudden there was a light.

I don’t mean a visual thing, like a flickering candle or a lantern,

But rather, an inaccessible presence.

Like perhaps, an angel had just entered the room.

Certainly, not without an invitation,

 But as a matter of protocol,

For, He was invited by a friend

To tell you that everything is going to be alright.

It’s kind of like when you were small,

Your Dad helped you tread water in the pool,

You were safe.

 Or when your Mom stroked your face when you had a fever.

And all was well.

Is this not the assurance that the presence of God’s angels are abiding with us?

Vigilant, ever present, swords drawn and ready

To protect us from every threat ?

Yes, I believe it is so.

And so, I sleep, and I dream

And I walk, hand in hand with my Lord, my Savior and my King.

And, I am at rest.


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