Dedicated to My brother, Craig “Corky”

and cousin Shelley (Who makes the best peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in the world):


We were three (as in Musketeers).

Just kids from the block,

Yearning to be all grown up,

Until we got to Grandpa’s ranch.

Eighty acres of freedom

All to ourselves.

We ran with abandon through the grease woods and the Joshua trees

Chasing lizards, cornering rattlers, handling firearms, riding horses and chasing anxious cattle with our fearless comrade,

“Cream puff,” a bulldog,

Who knew no better than to follow the path

Forged by the impetus

Generated by our inestimable curiosity

To simply bridge the horizon,

And stand there, shoulder to shoulder,

For the simple pleasure of enjoying the view

From the other side.


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