A long time ago,

I fell in love

How shall I explain this thing called Love?

Do you know?

I think not.

No one does.

But we try to make it real,

Real is where our souls live.

Where you’re going to spend eternity.


Gentleman Jim Beauregard

I had a dog once

His name was Beau.

We ran through the park together

And he slept at the foot of my bead.

He kept a vigil that I was not even aware of.

As I slept, he kept me safe.

Upon my awaking

I rubbed his head,

And he yawned.

We were happy together.

I miss him so.




Each of us has embraced it from time to time.

“I wonder?”

It is a teacher’s playground.

For it is the key that unlocks the mind

And opens the door

To perception and knowledge.

And these, when applied to life,

Produce wisdom,

The most wonderful treasure of all.



To my students,

God gave us wings to fly

Into heaven,

Where all is pure

And undefiled.

The earth is far below

Where men moil for gold.

So use your wings,

And soar

With eagles,

And let them lead you

To God’s playground.


Retired school teacher

Major USMC

First String

I picked up a rose once.
It was lying on the ground
In the dirt, next to me.

I put my hands around it, just to bring it to my face,
And breath in what it was breathing out.
There were no thorns, and I thought,” that’s odd.”

Then, a man approached me.
He peered at me and said, “You look lonely and hurt.”

I looked into his perceptive eyes and said, “Yes, I am.” Because I had been thinking,

“I wish my Mom were here.”

She would put her loving hands on my fevered brow, and I would be soothed simply by her presence and her touch.

Then, I asked him, “Why are you here?”
Immediately, his eyes became a flame,
But I was not afraid.
Because, I knew,
I was talking to an angel.
Then, the glorious, effulgent light that radiated from his body penetrated my soul, and overwhelmed me.

At that instant, another level of perception hit me.
I thought,

“Oh, my God!”

I am looking, through a messenger, into the loving eyes of my Savior.

But why is he here?”

Then I realized,
He was sent, here, from God, our Father
To pick up my bleeding body and carry it off the battlefield.

You see, like most of my Christian companions,
I carry a sword.
And like they, I’m not afraid to unsheathe it,
On the field of battle
And use it.

But as all warriors learn,
There will come a time
When you find yourself
Lying in the dirt,
And in need of assistance.

That is when God sends in an angel,
To pick up your wounded body,
And take you to a place of refuge
Where Satan cannot touch you
Until God sends you back out.

And when He does, you will know

That you are still first string!




A Vigil

To Robin,

Tonight, I watched you fall asleep in your chair,
And I remembered something you told me,
While we were still young.
You said, “I like it when you read, until I go to sleep.”
And so, I sit, and watch vigilantly over you tonight,
And think, “How beautiful you are.”


Old Tools

Sometimes tools wear out or break.

So, then, what do you do with them?

Well, you can simply throw them in the trash

And forget that they ever existed,

Or you can place them back in your tool box.

And from time to time,

Pick each up, and hold it in your hands,

And recall the things you did together.



A Folded Flag

I spoke to an old friend today.

She was,

How shall I say this,

Accommodating and gracious.

She is a class act.

And, as I spoke, she tilted her head

And listened.

I mean, she really listened,

As I spoke to her about a man who had the heart of a lion.

We touched each other in a place

Where others

Aren’t allowed to go,

Because she is the wife of a hero.

And he was a friend of mine.

But all she has left

Is a folded flag.


Timed out

As a school teacher and a parent, I get the concept of timed out.

That is where many reside presently.

We have all been in that lonely corner at one time or another.

Please do not desert them.

They will be there for for only a short while.

But it seems like an eternity.

You can’t talk to them; that’s against the rules,

But you can pray for them.

There is no wall that prayer can’t penetrate.

And they and God are listening.






I was alive once,

But God took my soul

And gave it away.

He put it in a place of responsibility

Called parenthood.

Once you bring a new life into the world

Your life is no longer yours

It now becomes ours.


The Path

There is a path that lead me to your heart.

I stumbled upon it one day.

It was totally by accident,

God simply smiled upon me that day and said,

“I will show you the way.”

So, He lead me down this path and said.

“She is yours, just ask her to dance.”

And so,  I did.


“You Know”