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“You Know”

When you meet someone

For the first time,

And your heart starts to flutter.

You look at her.

And you know that she is way out of your league,

But still, you muster all that you have within you,

And you and you say, “Hello.”

Then, she looks at you, and says, “Hello” back.

And you notice a little twinkle in her eye.

Then you know,

That she likes you.


Missing You

I don’t where she is,

At the the moment.

But, I will find her.

Because I am desperately in love,

I place no one else above her.

I simply want to sit by her side

With our child between us

And pray,

That our Lord will

Bless our time together.


Moms, A Young Boy’s Perspective


Dolores Coulter, 1956

One day, I was maybe five or six,

I was playing in the back room,

And my Mom was doing housework.

She was singing.

And it occurred to me that she was beautiful,

And that she had a sweet voice.

So I asked her,

“Mom, why don’t you become a movie star?”

She looked at me,

Very matter of factually and said,

“Because, I don’t have time.”



Falling in Love